Below is a list of books, leaflets, and articles that we have found extremely useful. This list is obviously not exhaustive. Several were produced some years ago but they are still relevant today. ADDISS have a comprehensive range of books and DVD’s available to purchase. Alternatively many are available from good bookshops, AMAZON, and of course your local library.



‘1-2-3 MAGIC: Effective Discipline for Children 2 – 12’ – Thos. Phelan – Child Management Inc.

‘All About Attention Deficit Disorder’ – Thos. Phelan – Child Management Inc.

‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’ – G D Kewley – LAC Press.

‘Hyperactivity: Why won’t my child pay attention?’ – Sam Goldstein – John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

‘Right-Brained Children in a Left-Brained World’ – Jeffrey Freed and Laurie Parsons – Simon & Schuster.

‘Self Esteem Revolutions in Children – Thos. Phelan – Child Management Inc.

‘Step by Step Help for Children with ADHD’ – Laver-Bradbury, Thompson, Weeks, Daley, and Sonuga-Barke – Jessica Kingsley

‘Survival Strategies for Parenting your ADD Child’ – George T Lynn – Underwood Books Inc.

‘Surviving your Adolescents’ – Thos. Phelan – Child Management Inc.

‘Taking Charge of ADHD’ – Russell A Barkley – The Guilford Press

‘Teaching Teens with ADD and ADHD’ – Chris A Zeigler Dendy – Woodbine House

‘The Explosive Child’ – Ross W Greene – Harper Collins Publishers Inc.

‘Understanding ADHD’ – Drs. Christopher Greene & Kit Chee – Vermilion, London

Articles for downloading:

A variety of articles offering a miscellany of information useful for parents and teachers:



‘Adventures in Fast Forward’ – Kathleeen G Nadeau – Brunner/Mazel, New York

‘Add In Adults: Help For Adults Who Suffer From Attention Deficit Disorder – Gordon Serfontein – Simon & Schuster

‘Answers to Distraction’ – Edward Hallowell and John Ratey – Bantam Books

‘Driven to Distraction’ – Edward Hallowell and John Ratey – Bantam Books

‘ Honey Are You Listening’ – Rick and Jerilyn Fowler – Thoma Nelson Publishers

‘I Have ADD/ADHD – So What? – Dr Marius Potgieter – Lulu

‘Is It You, Me, or Adult ADD?’ – Gina Pera – Alarm Press

‘The Down and Dirty Guide to Adult ADD’ – Michael Gordon and F Daniel McClure – GSI Publications

You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?! – Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo – Scribner, New York

Articles for downloading:

A serious look at ADHD – ADHD in Adults
A light-hearted and personal perspective – What is it like to have ADD?
A fun slant on adult ADHD sent to us by a former colleague but the author is unknown – AAADD